How do I calculate how long it will take my guests to arrive to the apartment?

The average duration is 1h30 from the  city airport.

However, a few things need to be considered. Fight delays, lugguage pick up, customs public transport might affect this estimation.

When your guests arrive at the train station which are inside the city, it will takes less time than that.

We estimate the average time to 45 minutes.


What happens if my guests are late?

Don’t worry, at all; your guests are probably a little late because they got stuck in the traffic, for instance.

This is why our agents will wait for your guests to arrive for 30 minutes past the agreed time. Once this lapse is over, if the client hasn’t contacted, the agent will proceed with the following check-in. You won’t pay for a new check-in service, but only a €9.90 rescheduling fee.

Anyway, as long as there’s an early contact, we’ll surely be able to reschedule the check-in for a more convenient hour with no changes for you whatsoever.

What to do if I don’t know my guests’ time of arrival?

It would be advisable to book the check-in once you know all the details of the arrival of your guests. We can accommodate your check-in reservation up to 24 hours before the expected time of arrival.

Where will the check-in be done?

Depending on the preferred check-in option:

The meeting of your guests and the check-in agent will take place directly at the apartment, at the time agreed with them.

The other option is then handing over of the keys to your guests at our office.

This is the address and opening times of our office :  15 Passatge Sert, 08003 Barcelona. Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00h.


Will there be a report after the check-out?

If there’s a check-out service booked, we’ll send a detailed report in any case. The apartment will be checked, the appliances turned off and all doors and windows properly shut.

If there isn’t a check-out service booked, but you have hired a cleaning service, the cleaner will report to us any issues in the apartment after the departure of your guests, together with pictures.


What does the cleaning service include?

Our cleaning service complies with the highest cleaning quality standards.

What’s included? Dusting of horizontal surfaces, vacuuming and floor cleaning. Cleaning of sink, microwave, oven and interior of the fridge. Cleaning of shower or bathtub, basin and toilet, trash bags replacement, bedding and towels replacement.

If the apartment requires an in-depth cleaning, you’ll be contacted by our office to agree on a possible additional charge.

What isn’t included in the cleaning service?

Some services aren’t included:

Cleaning of walls, outside surfaces, windows, closets, carpets and rugs, and plinths.

If you have special requests, please contact us.


What is the laundry service?

We take care of the bedding and household linen, towels and bath rugs as well as kitchen towels. The laundry service washes, dries, presses and folds the household linen.

Then, the linen is delivered back at your apartment during our next cleaning service.

If you don’t hire your next cleaning and laundry services with us, you may pick up the household linen free of charge at our office (Monday to Friday between 10h and 17h, 48 hours in advance) or have it delivered for €9.90.

What is included in the laundry service?

During the service reservation, you should select the sleeping capacity of your apartment. Each sleeping capacity has a defined number of household linen sets.

Each set includes: an under sheet and duvet covered adapted to the bed, two pillow cases, two large towels, two small towels, a bath rug .

If your apartment doesn’t fit under any of the above, please contact us for customization.

How does the household linen rental service work?

This service is reserved to professionals. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

How many household linen sets should I leave?

Our recommendation is to have at least twice the maximum apartment capacity available, in case of successive rentals.

Will there be a pressing service included?

Yes, all linen is pressed each time as part of the laundry service.

Everything will be done in a way that makes your guests feel as much as ease as in their own home, without having to take care of anything.


May the agents charge the clients?

We strongly recommend you the use of the secure payment option provided by in your rental website, as well as an online deposit system.

However our agents will be able to collect payments on site.

If you’re a professional and you have any question, contact us by telephone or e-mail to know more about our professional solutions.

The keys

How can I hand in my keys?

For your first reservation, benefit from our free service – the introductory visit – to give us the keys of the apartment.

If you can’t give us the keys at that moment, you may bring them to the office, free of charge too, or else we may pick them up at your address for €9.90

How many sets of keys do you need?

Our suggestion is to prepare two sets of keys. One set will be for your guests during their stay, and the other one will be for us, in order to give the keys to our agents so they can perform the scheduled check-in services.

This is the reason we’ll need and extra set of keys if you have requested the cleaning service too. (Which brings a total of 3 sets of keys.)

Last, it would be convenient to have a spare set of keys in the agency in case of rescheduling of the check-in, or if your guests lose the keys or lock themselves outside. We could be there to open the door with the spare set left at the agency.

How can I recover my keys?

Let us know 24h in advance in order to arrange the picking up of your keys and choose the way to do so.

You could pick them up for free directly at the office, or else we may deliver them at your address for €9.90.

This is the address and opening times of our office:  15 Passatge Sert, 08003 Barcelona. Monday to Friday, from 10h to 17h.

Could you keep my keys for future arrangements?

We may of course keep your keys. In this way, every time you need your services, we could work swiftly without need of handing over and picking up the keys.